How America Should Move – Forward, In A Cost – Effective

Every public leader, either, elected, or appointed, etc, must be ready, willing, and able, to, consistently, move – forward, in a realistic, relevant, sustainable way, and, thus, must emphasize, certain, specific areas of our lives, in a well – considered, timely manner, combined with an open – mind! Too often, we witness, partisan politics, a political/ personal agenda, and/ or. self – interest, take precedence, over, doing what’s right, for our nation, citizens, and the rest – of – the – world. With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 specific areas, which must become priorities, and, proactively, addressed.

1. Clean air and water/ environmental protections: Shouldn’t every generation, assume responsibility, for turning – over, to the next one, a planer, with, at the very – least, clean, healthy air, and water, etc? For decades, it seemed, our elected officials, began to take this seriously, and created stricter, smarter, safer standards, to ensure it, such as gas – mileage standards for cars, anti – dumping regulations, and emphasizing protecting our planet. However, we realized, how tentative, this might be, when, a one – term President, could, so, substantially, reverse, decades of progress, in that area! How we proceed, in the next few years, will, most – likely, determine, our planet’s environment, etc!

2. Climate Change is real!: Denying, the reality of Climate Change, does not, magically, make it, disappear! We have witnessed, more, and more intense, storms, heat, weather – conditions, droughts, etc! Almost – all, of the rest – of – the – world, has signed onto, the Paris Accords, and, are proactively, creating common sense, measures, once again, this last American President, took measures, with opposed these realities, etc!

3. Public Health: What could, and should, possibly, be a greater priority, than public health, etc? During this pandemic, we witnessed, a very – vocal minority, who refused to cooperate, wear a mask, take a vaccine, or seem to care about, the health, and well – being, of much of the rest of us! We must do better!

4. Medical care, and prescription drugs: Wouldn’t it make sense, to consider, quality medical care, and affordable, prescription drugs, as a right, rather than a privilege, to those, with higher incomes, etc? Why are our health – care costs, and drug prices, the highest, of any nation, in the rest – of – the – world?

5. Rights, freedoms, justice, fairness: Those, claiming, systemic racism, is a myth, or doesn’t exist, fail to recognize, we don’t provide, the rights, freedoms, and justice – to – all, with the necessary, appropriate, degree of fairness, regardless of one’s race, ethnicity, color of skin, and/ or, ability to afford things!

Unfortunately, the recent, political use, of the slogan, Make America Great Again, neglected to consider, thoroughly, what this should mean, in terms of Constitutional guarantees, and a healthier planet, in all, related area! Wake up, America, and demand better, before, it’s too late!